In most cases, clearing up a criminal record in Tennessee requires a $280.00 expungement fee even when qualified applicants have completed all requirements of their sentence. You can apply and pay for expungement yourself.  There are also two programs in Memphis that will assist those in need with application and payment.

Just City has developed The Clean Slate Fund. It’s used to pay this fee on behalf of people who qualify but can’t afford it. The fund is supported with generous donations from local businesses, foundations, and citizens. If you believe you qualify, you can fill out Just City’s application here. Once you apply, Just City will follow up with you.

The City of Memphis also has an expungement fund called The Better Memphis Fund. You can find out more about their fund by calling this number: The City of Memphis Office of Community Development at (901) 576-6203 or (901) 576-6507.

You can also read about expungement requirements on Shelby County’s website.