Holder Pledges to Address ‘Bedeviling’ Criminal Justice Problems


Our friends at the Sixth Amendment Center have a new blog post highlighting Attorney General Eric Holder’s renewed committment to criminal justice reform. In a recent interview by NPR’s Nina Totenburg, Holder listed failed crimninal justice policies as a focus of his remaining tenure as the United States’ 82nd Attorney General.

Read the full blog post here.

In it, Holder again declares that the indigent defense system is in crisis and vows to address the mass incarceration epidemic from a Federal level while encouraging reform at state and local levels as well. He cites the high cost of the current criminal justice system and the delay of justice so rampant in cities throughout the country.

The Sixth Amendment Center calls for a national Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice supported by the President and Congress.

We support this call and encourage the citizens and leaders of Shelby County, Tennessee to support it as well. Criminal justice reform is long overdue and critical if we hope to make Memphis a more just city!