Voting Rights Clinic
The Shelby County Public Defender hosts a Voting Rights Clinic from January 13-17, with support from U.Illinois College of Law.

The Law Offices of the Shelby County Public Defender will host its first-ever Voting Rights Clinic from January 13-17, 2014. If you have a felony record and would like to sign up to have your voting rights restored, you can call 901-222-2925 to register. The sign-up period lasts from December 2nd to December 13th.

Hearings will be held at 9:00am Wednesday, January 15. Clients must register in advance and complete the application process before they will receive a hearing.

Eligible clients must (1) have served out the maximum imposed sentence for their convictions, including any probation and parole, and (2) have a witness who will testify to their trustworthiness and good standing in the community.

There is a $163.50 filing fee for this procedure. Clients with no or very low income may be eligible to have their filing fee paid by the Public Defender’s Office.

This project is co-sponsored by the University of Illinois College of Law, who will provide law student volunteers and technical assistance for a week of service.

For media inquries, contact Josh Spickler at To volunteer as an attorney, paralegal, or law student, contact Chris Martin at

You can also help us find eligible clients by sharing these flyers: 

Voter Restoration Flyer

Voter Restoration Handouts