Shelby County Public Defender Wins Trial Advocacy Award

Kamilah Turner,Asst. Shelby County Public Defender
Kamilah Turner,
Asst. Shelby County Public Defender

Kamilah Turner will celebrate her third anniversary with the Law Offices of the Shelby County Public Defender in November.

She has definitely made the most of her time with us.

While carrying a full load of criminal court cases, Kamilah recently completed TACDL’s Criminal Defense College. According to past TACDL President and Defense College Instructor Bill Massey, the College was created to give the highest quality trial training to young lawyers. Massey says graduates are encouraged to “apply their newfound skills in the courtroom as soon as possible.”

We’re proud to say that Kamilah has done just that. This past Saturday, she became the fourth winner of the Massey McGee Trial Advocacy Award at the Annual Meeting of the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (TACDL) in Nashville.

According to Massey, Kamilah is the first public defender to win the award, which is “especially appropriate since public defenders are the first line of defense in the fight for justice.”


So, congratulations to Kamilah “for having the honesty to consider her own advocacy, the courage to learn new trial methods and the bravery to take her new skills to the courtroom.”

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