Shelby County Public Defenders Win National Grant

bronx defendersThe Law Offices of the Shelby County Public Defender have been chosen to receive training in client-centered advocacy techniques from The Bronx Defenders in partnership with the Center for Court Innovation (CCI). Shelby County was one of six public defender offices chosen to receive the 2013 Training & Technical Assistance Grant.

The grants are supported by the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Shelby County will receive eight months of guidance and training beginning in September. The approach, according to this media release from The Bronx Defenders, is known as holistic defense, which is described as follows:

“Holistic Defense is an innovative, client-centered and interdisciplinary model of public defense, pioneered by The Bronx Defenders, which addresses both the circumstances driving poor people into the criminal justice system and the devastating consequences of criminal justice involvement by offering criminal and related civil legal representation, social work support and advocacy in the client community.”

Public defender offices in Atlanta, Birmingham, Oakland, St. Louis and San Jose were also chosen as the 2013 recipients.

Watch the video below to see how The Bronx Defenders have used this innovative approach to help their clients cross the justice gap. We are proud to be selected for this grant and look forward to working with one of the most effective public defender offices in the country!