Vera Institute Shows Shelby County Incarceration Trends Going Down, But People Staying Longer in Jail

The Vera Institute of Justice has put out this interactive map to show just how many people are caged in jails or prisons across the country — county by county.



Shelby county’s jail incarceration rate in 2015 was 875.7 per 100,000 people. Compare that to Davidson the same year at 539.3 per 100,000.

One of the most troubling statistics is that jail admission rates in 2015 were at their lowest point since 2009, yet length of stay in the jail in 2015 was climbing to its highest rate since 2012.

And among urban centers, Shelby County ranks in the Top 10 for highest pretrial incarceration rates. The use of pretrial detention is driving jail overuse nationally. Click here and check “Urban” to see where Shelby county ranks.


Some promising news, the number of people from Shelby County in state prisons is down to the same level it was is 2008.


You can check out all the Shelby County incarcerations trends dating back to 1970 by clicking here. See the entire interactive map of incarceration in the United States and compare county by county here.